Hi! I'm Taylor.


Check out my personal & professional projects (documented on Spiceworks)

P2P link with Loco M5s

Infrastructure Upgrade/VOIP

Security System Overhaul

Documentation Wiki

Freenas Build

SSDs and backup testing

About Me

I've been working in IT for nearly 5 years now, and am currently closing tickets at PCS.
Working at an MSP is a wild ride. Every day is a chance to be a better technician than you were the day prior.
Our clients always make sure we have new problems to solve, but when I do get some spare time I find it best spent...

On my trusty steed, caring for my female boa constrictor imperator, and working on my BMW or Honda.

Current project(s):
• Arduino temperature/humidity controller for the snake.
• Building a couch from shredded foam.

Previous Projects:
6' x 2' sealed melamine reptile enclosure
FPV 280mm Quadcopter Build


View/Download my resume here.